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{January 24, 2007}   What a relationship says about your current one…..

So I was reading this blog titled “What His Last Relationship Says About Your Current One” (to ready just copy and past the following link:


I agree with much of what he has to say about men and why they do the things they do and what it means in your relationship, however, I also think that sometimes a guy just makes up things about a girl so that he feels better about breaking up with her. Or does things, like in my past relationship about a month ago, and tries to make you feel like you are worthless and crazy. My past relationship was with a guy who decided that he not only wanted to date me but many other girls. Sorry, but I don’t do that. He made me feel so unwanted and so ashamed of who I was. He made me feel as if I was going crazy, and then one of his girls that he was/is dating kept calling me towards the end of our shin-dig and told me to stay away from him, he is hers. Well, she can have him. However, what catagory would that fall into in his next relationship. I mean, he says he wants to get married, have kids, fall in love, but how do you do that if you never open up to anyone and treat all girls like crap. Okay, I just totally got off subject there. And to be honest, it is not a relationship I would really go into detail with anyone I started dating today.

Back to the blog I was reading, I believe that someone needs to write one about what it means when a girl talks about her past relationships. To be honest with you, I think whatever happened in your past relationships makes you who you are today. It makes you stronger, mentally and emotionally, it makes you realize what you want and don’t want in a relationship. And you know, who cares what happened in your past. As I have said before, the past is the past, whats done is done, you can’t change it, but you can move on and learn from it. And don’t hold a gruge against anyone, forgiveness is the best policy, it helps you move on in your next relationship.

I know from all my past relationships I would just like to meet one guy who liked me for me, who would treat me good, make me feel as if I am wanted, and make me feel as if I belonged with him. If he is out there and I ever meet him, the whole world will know, but for now, I am not looking, I am not wanting, I am just waiting for my fairy tale. Just like any other girl.

So basically I hope that you don’t have someone who only talks about their past, only talks about their past relationships, only talks about themself. You need to live for today and don’t worry about all that crap from the past, and girls, his past is his, don’t make him talk about it, because you really don’t want to tell him about yours, now do you?


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