Just a Girl

{January 25, 2007}   Running Alone….

Last night before me and my friends starting running a gentlemen showed up to run. He had no one to run with and did not know the course at all. He said that he did not think he could keep up with us and said that he would try but he usually runs alone. I told him not to worry, I completely understood because when I first started out running I would run by myself because I was so embarrassed about my weight and how slow I ran. But I talked him into running with us. We only went 3 miles and he stayed with us. However, the entire time I made sure I talked and joked around as usual to make him feel more comfortable and forget that he was running. Now keep in mind, he said that he usually runs an 11 min mile pace and well we usually take it easy on Wednesdays and run about a 9 min mile pace. Believe it or not, he stayed with us, until the last mile, I decided to push everyone a little bit. So we ran our last mile in about 8:30, he was only about 30 seconds behind us. I told him that he just ran his last mile in about 9 mins. He was so happy. He just looked at us and said, so how fast did we just run that and well I told him in about 27 minutes. He said are you sure that was 3 miles and I said yup. He was so excited. I remember those days of when I ran something so much faster then I thought I could. I use to be in his shoes, I use to run about an 11 min mile pace. The greatest thing about what happened is that not only did I get a run that day, I got to help someone else out. Running with others is such a great and wonderful experience. Especially when you help someone push further then they thought they could, or when someone pushes me further then I thought I could. People should never run alone all the time, they should always run with someone either better then them or slower then them. The reason being is because when you run with someone else you get to experience something so much more then just a run.


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