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{January 26, 2007}   A Bunch of Runners Trying to Learn to Dance

So last night I took a class with my friends Lydia, Tim, Mark and Brent on how to do the East Coast Swing. It was so much fun. However, when we got there it was the last class of the month on how to do this dance and we did not know any of the previous steps already taught. When they started the class, they said okay you have already learned these steps now we are going to add this step and this step to the dance. WE just all looked at eachother like WHAT, are you kidding me? A bunch of us runners trying to dance but we tried. It took us a little while but we finally got the basic steps down. We were laughing more then dancing because we just could not get it at first. But starting next Thursday they are going to teach the Mambo. At least we will be there for the beginning of that dance. I never knew that dancing could be so much fun. I mean, I have taken ballet, tap and jazz for 15 years of my life but nothing like this. It was great. Now while we run we might be trying to dance to just remember what we were taught. So if you are ever in Birmingham and see runners trying to do the rock step while running you will now know why.

If you live in Birmingham and ever want to go to this class you should. Go to their website: http://www.curtnwendy.com and check out their schedule.

Have a great day. 🙂


Mambo… mmm… Kinda like salsa….

I actually started with East Coast swing until a co-worker told me to learn how to salsa because she thought it was sexier. She was right. I took up salsa and have danced for almost 7 years. Even competed in amateur competition twice. My advantage was: I wasn’t a runner back then.

Have fun! Lindy Hop looks a lot cooler than East Coast but EO is a good start for beginner. I love watching West Coast Swing dances and perhaps will be able to learn it one day.

Wes says:

east coast is one of the easiest dances to learn. there are a lot of places to dance and to learn to dance in b’ham. email Murray Echols and ask him nicely to put u on his b’ham dancers list. every week he sends out 20 something pages of where and when there are dances and classes in the north alabama area…esp. b’ham.

David Doggett teaches Cajun and Zydeco dance and his group ACME sponsors at least 1 dance a month. Next friday is at the Shriner’s Temple on 459 with a lesson to start.

Pat Abbot leads Birmingham Swing Dancers and they have classes each week as well as 1 dance per month.

Jered Faires leads Birmingham Lindy Hop and has classes every Monday night. Last weekend I went with them to Chattanooga for a long day and night of dance. We arrived back in Bham at 4:30am sunday

Good luck with it.

Oh and I’m on the Birmingham Ballroom Dance Association board. We have a ballroom dance one Sunday afternoon per month.

Wes the Dancer

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