Just a Girl

{February 1, 2007}   Gossip

I am so frustrated with people lately. Why do humans have to talk about others and why do they have to gossip? I just don’t get it. I mean if you have something to say about someone just tell them to their face. Just be open and honest. I mean I am a very nice person but when you lie to me I really don’t want to talk anymore. If you try to gossip to me I don’t listen. I just like people for who they are. I don’t care to be mean, I don’t care to have others be mean around me.

Humans tend to love gossip, they tend to live and feed off of it. I just don’t understand why. Is it some type of thing in their brains that says uuuwweee that sounds great tell me more. I mean I just really don’t get it.

I have people all the time saying stuff about me behind my back and then others who hear it have to come running to me to tell me all about it. I don’t care what others say about me. I don’t even care what people think of me. However, if I am having a problem with someone I confront them, I talk to them about it.

I guess I was just raised to be open and honest about everything. If someone ask me a question I will always tell them the honest truth of what I think and all it is, is my opinion.

Life is to short to live off of others griefs, problems, etc. Stop talking about others and just work on making yourself better. In the long run, if you stopped gossiping and started working on your own values and beliefs you would be so much happier with your own life.

This is just all my opinion.


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