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{February 7, 2007}   Races for the Year

Okay, so I have decided to do the following races this year:

1. Louisville, KY on April 28th.
2. DC in October (Marine Corp)
3. Memphis Marathn (St. Jude) in December

I might do the following:
1. ING in Atlanta, GA in March
2. Rock N’ Roll in San Diego in June

Any suggestions for any good marathons out there let me know. I am trying to do one in every state so if you know any that are not in April, October, or December Let me know. I would like to do 5 marathons this year.


sagaciouspines says:

Does running in every state include Alaska? If so, does a dog sled team pull you around for 26.2 miles?

Best of luck at the Mercedes half.

Boulder Backroad Marathon, Boulder, CO (sometime in September)
Shamrock Marathon March 17-18 VA Beach!

Brittany says:

Have you thought about raising money for charity when you do races? You seem to be doing a lot of amazing things. A fundraising tool you could use in collaboration with your blog is Firstgiving.com. It’s a great way to mobilize your online community for something that you are passionate about and also a fantastic way to marry your love of running with a deserving non-profit organization.


with everything that is going on lately in our community with a runner passing away and all, i just might look into the charity run. i have always wanted to do something but not really sure what, thanks again for that.

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