Just a Girl

{February 7, 2007}   Valentine’s Day…….

Okay, for all of you out there I truly do not believe in Valentine’s day. I don’t understand how anyone else can too. It is a day that you are required to buy your loved one something special and do something romantic. Well, just to let you know, that is so wrong in so many ways. I belive it is a Hallmark Conspiracy. Why I think this:

1. You should tell your loved one that you love them every day.
2. If you want to buy them something don’t wait for their birthday or a special occassion.
3. If you see something you really want to buy your loved one then get it, even if it is something really small, and give it to them that day. It will mean so much more.
4. If you want to do something romantic, do it on a day that he/she would never expect it. It will mean so much more.

The reason I believe all this is because my dad saw this little rock at a gas station that had writing on it. It says “When I count my blessings, I count you twice.” He said when he saw it he thought of my mom, so he bought it, $2, and he just gave it to her. It was not a special occassion, it was nothing. She tells everyone how he just bought this little rock for her just out of the blue and she has been telling everyone this story since the day he bought it for her years ago. So if you come to my house, you will have to hear the story.

Another cool thing my dad has done recently out of the blue, no special occassion, but he asked her to go with him to buy them both new wedding rings. You see my dad broke his finger a few months ago and they had to cut his wedding ring off. So he was going to get a new one and instead he called her and said you want to go to the mall with me and look at rings, he then told her he wanted to get matching rings. It was the sweetest story when my mom told me all about it.

You see, my dad is not the typical romantic guy, but when he sees something that just reminds him of his bride of 31 years he just gets it for her. It is a true love. They don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, they think that I am right when I say it is a Hallmark Conspiracy. (And this is the only time my parents have thought I was right about something. ha ha)

So next time you are out, and it is not a special occassion, you did not just get in a fight, and you just see something that reminds you of your loved one, just get it, who cares of the price, and just give it to them. It will mean so much more to them then getting them something for a holiday or birthday, etc.

Trust me, the unexpected means SO much more then the expected.


wildjoe says:

Hey Cristy,

Thanks for writing to me. Hope you enjoyed watching Oprah and The Secret team. How was it? Wont be able to see it here in Malaysia for months. Anyway, whatever Valentine’s Day it is a day of giving, a day for gifts but it doesnt have to be the conventional gift.
Anyway, this is my Valentine’s day gift to you.Please check it out. Happy Valentine’s day.
Love and regards,


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