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{February 13, 2007}   To Charles, the kid who goes above & beyond….

Okay, so this past weekend was the Mercedes Marathon, half marathon, and BE5K. I only ran the 5k this year due to past experience of running the half marathon. However, not to go into any details the marathon and half marathon is probably one of the hardest around the country or at least that is what I am told. It has so many hills but they say the down hills is the killer part of the race. However, what I wanted to talk about today was the kids marathon. We have a kids marathon every year. It is a great experience. The rules to my understanding is that they have to qualify by running 25 miles before they can run the last 1.2 miles of their marathon at the Mercedes Kids Marathon. They get a whole year to do this. They only have to run 1 mile a week or more if they want. It is only for kindergarden to 6th grade children. We let them run in groups by age/class. It is really a great experience. However, this year was probably the best one yet. First, we had so many more children run. It was so much fun. But we had two very important children run the race. First was a young boy, I believe he was in either 1st grade or 2nd. Can’t remember which, but he was in a wheel chair. He pushed his way in the cold in that wheelchair with bare hands. He had a little trouble getting up the hill and I kind of helped him out but he did great. And it was so neat watching him finish. Then there was this one boy named Charles. I only remember his name because of the great attitude that he portrayed. You see he has braces on both his legs. He really has no use at all with his legs and he has these metal crutches that his arms go down in to help him be mobile. He literally walked with these crutches all 1.2 miles. And the greatest thing about him is the fact that he was smiling the whole way. His dad was walking with him and was so proud of him. Telling him how great he was doing, asking him if he was okay, seeing if he needed any help and this boy just smiled and told his dad he was doing good and that he was okay. He did so good all the way to the end. Just watching him push himself thru the disability that he has was probably the greatest experience. Watching him made me realize that I am very greatful for the fact that I can run, greatful for the fact that I can run a marathon, and also made me realize that I will never complain ever again about the fact that it is hard to run that far when I realize that a little 5 year old boy named Charles could do it in crutches and push himself thru life with the greatest attitude. Thank you Charles for being who you are, don’t ever change.


tixxx says:

This puts everything in proper perspective… nicely done.

thank you tixxx. 🙂

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