Just a Girl

{March 6, 2007}   Prayer Request

I don’t ask for much, I don’t need much, and I don’t pray for much. But today is a different day. Today is a day of morning and trying to understand why things happen the way they do. I understand death, I understand that things happen for a reason but what I don’t understand is why this could happen to such a great person.

You may not know him but this is his story:

Ellis Porch was running at Seaside in Florida Sunday morning and at about the 10th mile he went into convulsions. They revived him enough to get him airlifted back to Birmingham, Alabama that day. He is now in the hospital on life support. They are not sure what happened. He did not have a heart attack. He was not dehydrated. He did nothing wrong, he trained like he has trained for any race. He is a great runner. He has run the Boston Marathon. He has run many races. But now he is fighting for his life.

All I am asking is for any of you that understand or just want to help, to please pray for him. Medical Science has done all that they can and now it is all in God’s hands. Whether he lives or dies I just want what’s best for him and his family.

He is a father, a husband and a friend. He has the nicest wife I know, he has a sweet child and all of his friends are very caring. All we ask is for a little support and hopefully the best will happen.

Thank you for your time.


David says:

I ran the Seaside Half-Marathon. Your friend has been in my thoughts and prayers since I passed by on Sunday and saw him in the care of first responders. Blessings…

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