Just a Girl

{March 7, 2007}   Loss of a Great Runner

Someone once siad the day you are born is the day you begin dieing.

Well, I say the day you are born is the day you begin learning how to live.

Life is but a long road, sometimes we travel to fast and forget to check out the scenery.

We have great people step into our lives, show us the way down the curvy road, teach us how to live and then let us go so we can show others.

We love people and let them love us for eternal happiness.

For we live, we die, but what we do with our lives is our choice.

People pass on and when we loose someone we are taught yet another lesson in life.

Remember when someone passes on they do not want you to cry or feel sorry for them, they want you to rejoice in the simple fact that they lived and were part of your life.

This one moment in time makes me realize that I will one day have to go thru this time but I will never forget the simple fact that the people here today have done all they can to make it easier on everyone else but just being here to comfort those in need and to remember a great life that has passed on.

Remember keep running, don’t look back, but don’t forget what you had, he will always be apart of you and you are still alive today to tell his story.

Ellis Porch was a very much loved man by not just his family but his friends too. He was a true genuine person. He had the perfect life. A great wife and child and many friends. He smiled all the time, no matter what. He encouraged those of us that thought we were not good enough. He just was there for everyone. I will always remember that every race I ever ran he would always come back with his friend Jerry because they would always finish way before me and just smile at me and tell me good job and keep going. He made me feel good about myself and I know he did the same for others. I will never forget him and will always remember him as a Great Runner. He will be missed by many but one day his story will be told and I am not able to tell you his story but his closes friends and family will be able to one day.

No matter what, I will keep running, not just because of Ellis but for every great runner out there that we have lost to some kind of freak reason.

Thank you to all of you out there that prayed and were there for his family. It means a lot to everyone.


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